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Xn8 Sports Massage Stick Roller

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Comfortable, Durable, And Smooth-Rolling Action: Xn8 sports massage stick roller is built with the top-quality plastic material, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Two rubber handles won’t let it slip through your hands during the massage, while regular rolling of it on your muscles prevents muscle knots and soreness.

Trigger Point Therapy: Comes with five spiky spindles to make you target the tiniest pressure points of your body and to ease out muscle knots. Our yoga massage stick releases muscle tension, improves blood circulation and relieves stress.

Convenient To Use And Travel With: With its lightweight and portable size, you can place this massage stick roller in your gym bag and carry it anywhere. Also, you can apply it on the affected muscles in any position, whether standing up, sitting on a couch or laying down.

Pressure You Can Handle: You can use the stick massage tool to put pressure on your muscles to the point you can tolerate. Spiky massage balls hit pressure points to stimulate tissue recovery and promote blood circulation for healing.

Multipurpose Usage: This yoga massage stick is effective both before and after the exercise to avoid injuries and to reduce muscle stiffness. It is suitable for use on calves, hamstrings, arms, thighs, limbs, neck, Achilles and shoulder.


If you are looking to liberate yourself from compressed nerves, achy joints, knots, and stiff muscles, go for the Xn8 Sports massage stick roller. With its portable design, it fits your kit bag conveniently, allowing you to take it to the gym, and sports fields. It is manufactured with premium plastic, which makes it flexible and durable. Our sports stick massager increases the blood circulation of your body by reaching all your muscle areas. This yoga massage stick comes with 5 spiky balls for a deep tissue massage. You can use it before cycling, running or even work to avoid muscle pain and stiffness. It is also helpful in decreasing the build-up of lactic acid by reaching deep into muscle tissue and preventing cramps. This ultimate massage roller stick helps you have a restful sleep by eliminating muscle soreness and relieving deep tissue tension.

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