Xn8 Sports Massage Stick Roller M5

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Premium Quality Abs Material: Xn8 Sports massager stick roller is manufactured using top quality ABS material, which is durable and lasts longer compared to other conventional stick rollers available in the market. Its strong handles provide a comfortable grip, and do not put too much strain on the hands. The four sturdy rollers provide optimal pressure to relieve muscle tension.

Effective Pain Relief: The massage stick stretches and compresses the targets muscles to provide pain relief and reduce muscle stress. Simply hold the handles and roll it over your legs, arms, calves, shin, quads, thighs, shoulders, and neck, to eradicate pain in tight and sore muscles.

Lightweight & Compact Size: The compact size of this self-massaging tool makes it easy to carry around, and store anywhere. You can use it at home, take it to your fitness studio in your bag, and even carry it with you to travel.

Essential Gear For Pre And Post Workout Relife: This body massager is the perfect tool to use to warm up before a workout to prevent stiffness, promote flexibility and blood circulation. Use it post an intensive workout, running, cycling or gym session, and feel lighter than a feather.

Targets Hard To Get Pressure Points: Designed to use for physical therapy, this muscle relief massager targets far to reach pressure points of the body effectively to provide a deep tissue massage experience. It painlessly rolls out knots for myofascial therapy, and helps in rehabilitation after a surgery or injury.


Are achy joints and compressed nerves getting in the way of your daily workout? Do you feel it impossible to perform intense exercises without suffering muscle soreness and fatigue? Think again! Xn8 Sports massage stick roller revitalizes and regulates the tight and uncomfortable muscles, and eliminates prolonged pain by decreasing soreness and improving blood circulation. Manufactured using superior quality ABS material, this massage tool is essential for warmup before a workout, and for cooling down the muscles after a workout. The sturdy and strong handles provide a comfortable grip without hurting the hands, and the four ergonomic rollers hit the hard-to-reach target points to provide a deep tissue massaging experience. This yoga gear is lightweight, and ideal for home gym station as well as a fitness studio, and easily fits in your gym bag. This body massager is the perfect gear for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, massage therapists, and runners to perform uncomplicated self-massage.