Xn8 Sports Massage Stick Roller M7

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Trigger Point Therapy: Xn8 Sports stick massager has four spindles that hit the tiniest pressure points of your body and roll out muscle knots. Regular massage with stick improves blood circulation, eases soreness and releases muscle tension, thus relieving aches & pain.

Comfortable, Durable, And Smooth-Rolling Action: It is manufactured using premium quality ABS material, which makes it durable. Its two non-slip handles won’t let the roller slip-out of your hands. Our massage stick backs your recovery process and keep muscle soreness at a minimum.

Convenient To Use And Travel With: You can carry this portable massage roller stick anywhere with you as it comes in a compact length of 46cm and a weight of 0.35kg. Also, you can use it in any position on your body whether standing up, sitting on a couch or laying down.

Pressure You Can Handle: It is a stiff body massage roller that allows you exert pressure on your muscles according to your pain tolerance. Also, the adequate gap between 4 rollers prevents pulling your body hairs during rolling.

Useful On Many Of The Body Parts: Four massage balls on stick makes it suitable to use on calves, legs, hamstrings, thighs, arms, shoulders, limbs, neck, and Achilles. To avoid muscle stiffness, we recommend to roll this massager on your muscles before the workout.


Xn8 Sports massage roller stick regulates and relieves your muscle anxiety with its 12 adjustable rollers. Premium ABS material is used throughout in construction of this deep tissue muscle massager, which makes it durable and impact resistant. With its convenient size and a weight of just 0.45kg, you can easily carry it in your gym bag or suit case. Xn8 Sports deep tissue massage roller stick is beneficial in relieving stiffness, stress, and muscle fatigue, because it targets the smallest pressure factors of your body. Our yoga massage stick also increases muscle resilience and paces up healing after an injury. Also, it is useful in relieving sore and stiff muscle tissues and thus it is suitable for you to either use it before or after your workouts.