Xn8 Sports Neoprene Dumbbell Set

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SKU: Neoprene Dumbbell - (Black)-(0.5*2=1kg)


Stackable, Non-Slip Design With Neoprene Coating: The non-slip, easy to stack design of Xn8 Sports Neoprene Dumbbells Set sets it apart from the rest of the lot. It gives you a superb combination of solid cast iron base with comfortable yet durable top quality neoprene upholstery. SOLD AS A PAIR OF SAME WEIGHTS.

The Best Combo Of Function And Aesthetics: With decades of industry experience and technical proficiency, you only get the best combo of functionality and aesthetics. Xn8 neoprene dumbbells have been designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but equally practical to carry to your yoga, fitness and aerobics classes.

Enhanced Health And Fitness: Suitable for muscle building, fat burning and achieving utmost agility. These dumbbells are a perfect aid for general fitness or more focussed workouts in aerobics and yoga classes. Add intensity to every workout and sculpt a lean body. Additionally, xn8 dumbbells can be carried during brisk walks/runs to burn excessive calories.

Good For Everyone: In Xn8 neoprene dumbbells, you get a workout staple that is meant to help you look good as well as feel good. Thanks to a highly ergonomic design, people of all genders and ages get the perfect grip needed to help focus on their workout and forget everything else. 

Great Colour & Wright Variations: AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT WEIGHTS. In fact, weight and colour variations in these neoprene dumbbells is another edge that you normally don’t get in majority of the dumbbells available on the market. This gives you the liberty to choose a colour and weight you deem most appropriate for your needs, targeting different muscle groups differently with them for optimised results.


When you combine a non-slip easy to stack design with an ergonomic and superb grip, you get Xn8 Sports Neoprene Dumbbells, all set and ready to sculpt, tone and strengthen your body. From cardio to weight training and muscle building, there are countless ways these aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional neoprene dumbbells are going to help you. You can get them as pairs of same weight. They feature the ideal combination of solid cast iron core and neatly upholstered neoprene coating. That is why they do not damage the floor even when dropped accidently. Xn8 dumbbells can be used for a whole array of exercises including but not limited to dead lifts, squats and lunges.