Xn8 Sports Nylon Ankle Weights

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Premium Quality Nylon Ankle Weights: Enjoy the exclusivity of a totally patented design of Xn8 Sports Nylon Ankle Weights, far better than those non patented products on the market. Top quality oxford nylon material used in manufacturing further adds to the robustness of this product.

Expedite Your Workouts With Our Fitness Ankle Weights: It’s about time you switch to working smarter rather than harder. The Xn8 ankle weights for running serve you as a perfect aid capable of expediting almost any kind of workout ranging from simple walking or jogging sessions to aerobics, cardio, yoga, crossfit, gym workouts and so forth.

Ease Of Use: The Xn8 hand and ankle weights can prove to be the game changer for you. Simply strap on these ankle weights while performing your day to day activities and torch those extra calories while toning and strengthening your whole lower body. If you want results fast, you can use them while working out as well. 

One Size Fits All: In a pair of our fitness ankle weights, you get a workout staple that is meant to help you look good as well as feel good. Thanks to a highly ergonomic design, these ankle weights strap around all kinds of ankles quite easily with the help of two adjustable hook & loop closure straps (only straps are adjustable, not the weights). 

Ample Colour & Weight Variation: AVAILABLE ONLY AS A PAIR, you get a chance to pick up from a whole range of colours and weights. This means most people can get not only the weight they want, but also colours of their choosing.


Whether you are a health and fitness newbie looking for a convenient but effective way of improving the way you look and feel, or a fitness fanatic looking for that extra punch to ramp up your fitness level even further, Xn8 Sports Nylon Ankle Weights will work like a charm for you. Especially designed to incorporate additional resistance in your workout routines in the most subtle ways, you simply need to strap these weights around your ankles and start improving your fitness level day by day. This is a totally patented design to ensure that you are using a unique and specialised workout accessory every single time you strap these around your ankles.