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Xn8 Sports Nylon Ankle Weights

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Premium Quality Manufacturing: You can embrace strength even with walking on your favourite track by wrapping around some weights on the ankles. And, if you want the best to rest on your muscles there, jump straight to the ‘order now’ button as you are on the right spot with the Xn8 Sports Nylon Ankle weights. Enjoy the exclusivity of a totally patented design of our ankle weights that are far better than those non patented products on the market. Top-quality oxford nylon material used in manufacturing further adds to the pair’s robustness. So, they are never fading, never tearing out, never losing out, and never shrinking with use! Sounds like a perfect pair you would like to own, isn’t it? Grab one now before it gets out of stock.

Expedite Your Fitness Workouts With Our Fitness Ankle Weights: When you hear or read the word ankle weights, walking or running with weights on your ankle muscles come to your mind. But that’s just one or two of the many physical activities that yield strength with the pair on. As our ankle weights set (pair) is capable of expediting almost any kind of workout ranging from simple walking or jogging sessions to aerobics, cardio, yoga, gym workouts, and so on. This also makes our pair of ankle weights a compact and portable strength training accessory that you can carry or use anywhere you want. Can be one of the best Christmas gifts or a new year’s gift as well.

Ease of Use: What’s the best quality of a premium product? You can say the longevity and the ease of use. Based on this, our pair of ankle weights fit those best products on sale and amazingly with that affordable price tag. Better than all, these leg weights can prove to be a game-changer for you. Simply strap on them while performing your day-to-day activities and torch those extra calories while toning and strengthening your whole lower body. And for the fast outcome, as we said, you can use them while performing different workouts as well.  

One Size Fits All: Mostly, our customers have found it confusing to just pick the right size that would fit their ankles well. That’s why we have come up with a one-size-fits-all ankle weights pair that would fit all. Since each of the ankle weights in the pair arrives with a robust hook and loop strap that makes you lose or tight them as needed. Precisely, with this fitness pair, you get a workout staple that is meant to help you look good as well as feel good.

Ample Colour & Weight Variation: The other reason why our ankle weights are one of the top-selling fitness accessories in the UK is that they are available in a wide range of vibrant colours and weights. Hence, you can invest in a pair that suits your taste or that you can wear and walk with. Furthermore, our products are expertly crafted and stitched with perfection to stay in working condition for years to come. Above all, you can trust the professional and friendly customer care of the Xn8sports that you can consult in the unlikely event of disliking or non-satisfaction with our products.  


It is difficult to look for a pair of premium quality ankle weights and even harder when you can spend only a few pounds on it. Not when it’s your lucky day and your search results get you on the Xn8Sports nylon ankle weights. As our leg weights are among the best strength training accessories and for several good reasons too. Firstly and most importantly, they are crafted with skin-friendly material which keeps you comfortable all day long. Secondly, they are easy to put on and remove as and when needed. Thirdly, they are available in different weight variations and a one-size-fits-all supported by a hook and loop closure with which you can lose or tight them as needed. Lastly, they are available in a variety of vibrant colours, so you can bring home a pair in your favourite, or could buy a colour that matches your outfit. Trust me, nobody will stop you from buying two pairs, not even your budget, because it costs just about the same you want to spend. Okay, you want to know the ankle weights benefit first, isn’t it? Just know that they are specifically meant to target your leg and hip muscles as they put a greater load on the targeted muscle group so the muscles have to work harder for movement which in result will make them gain strength.  Now let’s talk about the characteristics of the best ankle weights and what you should look for in a pair. First of all, they must have a clear weight defined, must have different colours, should be manufactured with the skin-friendly fabric, must have adjustable straps, or even better if their weights can be adjusted. Now let’s read why our ankle weights are the best in the market at this price tag. Whether you are a health and fitness newbie looking for a convenient but effective way of improving the way you look and feel, or a fitness fanatic looking for that extra punch to ramp up your fitness level even further, Xn8 Sports Nylon Ankle Weights will work like a charm for you. Especially designed to incorporate additional resistance in your workout routines in the most subtle ways, you simply need to strap these weights around your ankles and start improving your fitness level day by day. This is a totally patented design to ensure that you are using a unique and specialised workout accessory every single time you strap these around your ankles. Above all, if you are not satisfied with this or any of our other products after purchase, feel free to count on our professional yet friendly customer support anytime you feel like it.

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