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Long-Lasting And Tear-Resistant: The premium Lamina hide leather upholstery of the Xn8 sports dance mat assures its durability and longevity. It is trendy in appearance and has four segments, while each can be separated with a sturdy zipper. 

Useful For All: Kids can use our fitness mat to practice new dance moves, while the adults can have it for a variety of strength and flexibility training workouts. It also works great as a camping mat. 

PE Foam Cushioning: This is the premium dance mat kids prefer due to its generous PE foam padding that offers the right comfort. It keeps knees, elbows, back, etc. well-protected, no matter how intense the workout is. 

Folds Into Quarter Of Its Size And Has Two Carry Handles: Our pole dancing crash mat features stitched carrying handles, and it turns into one-quarter of its original size when folded. Thus, you can carry it anywhere you want or store it effortlessly anywhere you have space. 

We Sell Quality:  We make sure to serve you with top-quality fitness accessories at the most affordable rates possible. Most of the UK dance mat sellers compromise a lot on the quality when trying to cut the cost, while we don’t follow such practices. 


Are you looking for a comfortable and gym-like workout accessory for your kid, so he can train for the upcoming dancing or fitness competition? No need to worry more as with the Xn8 sports dance mat, you are now at the right product. Its durable Lamina hide leather upholstery and the comfy EPE foam make it surpass the ordinary both in comfort and appearance. Suitable for people of all ages, and many professionals use it as a fitness accessory for a variety of strength and flexibility training workouts at home. This premium workout mat folds into its quarter to save you space and to make its transportation effortless. Not to forget its two nylon carrying handles and robust stitching.