Xn8 Sports Yoga Mat PVC 8mm

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SKU: 8mm Yoga Mat - (Black)


High-quality PVC material construction of the Xn8 Sports yoga mat assures its durability and longevity besides being making it remarkably comfortable. The improved 8mm thickness provides more protection to the hands, back, knees, and other parts of the body that are frequently forced on the mat.

The carefully designed textures on front and back surface of the gym training mat provide more control during your yoga or other workouts as it allow you keep your position stable. While also keeping the fitness mat constant in its place on smooth floors.

It is 183 cm in length and 61 cm in width, while its length is further reduced to 61 cm when folded. People prefer our yoga mat for Pilates, yoga, push-ups and other strength and flexibility training workouts.

You can get this yoga mat in 7 vivacious colours of grey, dark green, blue, pink, purple, sky blue, and black. Suitable workout equipment that is useful both at home and outside, while it can be effortlessly cleaned using the wet towel.

This purchase is inclusive of a carry strap and a carrying bag to make its transportation on short and long distances convenient for you. Our strength and flexibility training mat feature top-quality materials coupled with robust stitching. Furthermore, our professional customer care is available to discuss any issue you have with the purchase.


The Xn8 Sports yoga mat PVC 8mm partners your balancing and stretching workouts both at home and gym. The improved 8mm thick cushioning of the fitness mat makes you avoid the discomfort you would normally encounter during workouts on other non-patented exercise mats. You can now sit on it and meditate for hours, without feeling any discomposure, while its textured surface keep your position constant during workouts. We have included a carrying strap and a carrying bag with this purchase to allow you transport it effortlessly, while it folds into a compact shape that could be effortlessly stored. Available in 7 vibrant colours and it helps boost your balance, maintain your stability and hold your yoga pose for a lengthy period.