Xn8 Sports Resistance Bands Glute

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Premium Blended Fabric for Flexibility, Breathability & Durability: Xn8 Sports Glute Resistance Bands set boast of unmatched durability, support, breathability & flexibility, thanks to a premium blend of high-quality cotton and natural latex materials.

Fabric Resistance Bands with Anti-Slip, Anti-Roll & Anti-Curl Features: While most other resistance bands UK often slip, curl and snap, these ones don’t. We have equipped Xn8 resistance bands with a special anti-curl, anti-slip & anti-roll inner lining.

Best Resistance Bands with Varying Resistance Levels: Sized as L=14 inches x W=3 inches, our exercise bands are available as a set of 3 bands, each one having a different resistance level. So, you can start with a low resistance hip band and slowly progress upwards.

Multicolour & Multifunctional Booty Bands: You can choose from 2 different sets of exercise bands, each one featuring different colours. Can be used for a whole range of resistance bands exercises, i.e., hip thrusts, hip abduction, squats, thigh contractions etc.

Lightweight & Portable: Women can resort to our hip circle bands for strengthening & toning whole of the lower body, abs as well as arms. You also get a stylish carry bag totally for free with them. TO GET BOTH SETS, YOU NEED TO PAY FOR 2 SETS, NOT 1 SET.


If you want to get the outcomes of your workouts expedited, whether at home gym or a commercial one, you need to get your hands on a viable fitness accessory like Xn8 Sports Glute Resistance Bands Set. With a special blended fabric combining top-quality cotton and natural latex materials, our resistance band set lends you higher flexibility, durability, support and breathability. It also boasts of a special anti-roll, anti-slip and anti-curl inner lining to offer you unmatched grip and stability. With 3 different colours in a set, you can choose from 2 varying sets of our fabric resistance bands for legs and glutes. Our hip circle bands also come with a stylish carry bag totally for free. TO GET BOTH SETS, YOU NEED TO PAY FOR 2 SETS, NOT 1 SET.