Xn8 Sports Rubber Hex Dumbbell

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SKU: Hex-Rubber-Dum-1PCS-30LB


Anti-Roll Hexagon Design: Xn8 Rubber Hex Dumbbells feature a hexagonal design that makes them stay in place, unlike conventional rounded dumbbells that roll away when you place them down.

Chrome Plated & Knurled Grip: Xn8 Rubber Dumbbells boast of chromed knurled handle, which makes the grip strong and safe. The contoured finish of these chrome-plated dumbbells makes their cleaning easy.

Rubber Encased Cast Iron Heads: The coating of fine grade rubber on heads reduces the noise as you place them down. The cast iron pinheads provide strength and durability to the dumbbells as a whole.

Versatile: These solid cast iron dumbbells are as easy to use for a newbie as they are for pros. You can perform all ranges of dumbbell drills and muscle building exercises using them. Best for home gym as well as commercial gym.

Adaptable: These rubber encased gym weights are quite adaptable when you pair them with other Xn8 Sports workout gear; for instance, the adjustable training bench. THESE ARE SOLD as a single unit and not in pairs.


Dumbbells are an important part of every type of workout and fitness training. Best dumbbells are the ones that are durable and safe to use. Xn8 Sports’ hexagonal design gives them anti-roll property. Unlike round-shaped dumbbells, these dumbbells do not roll away and stay in place when placed down after completion of a set. The heads of these equipment for weight lifting are coated by top-grade rubber that decreases the noise while handling them. The pinned cast iron heads also save the floor from any kind of damage. These rubber encased gym weights are suitable to use for a beginner as well as a regular trainer. Their knurled and contoured finish provides a secure grip. You can perform a variety of strength training and calorie-burning exercises.