Xn8 Sports Shin Guards Instep

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Light to wear, durable and long lasting: With carbon fibre fabric construction, the Xn8 shin guards instep are long-lasting, durable and light-weighted. Quality of these shin pads is not affected even when frequently used for rigorous activities. Simply wash them after removing the gel padding.

Gel foam padding: With shock-absorbing gel padding, our shin pads absorb the hard smashes and prevent you from serious injuries. The soft compression of these shin pads, avoid the unwanted muscle pain in the shin area during various training and fighting sessions.

Sweat Wicking fabric: Featuring moisture-wicking fabric to wick away the sweat from skin to the top of the fabric and letting it evaporate, thus keeping your skin dry and cool. Avoids excessive sweat to build-up on your shin area that is unpleasing and smells bad.

Hook and loop strapping system: It is now very easy to wear and remove these shin guards using the sturdy hook & loop closure of our leg protective gear. Offer a tight grip to the shin area and doesn’t slip out while sparring. Suitable for kickboxing, football, MMA, martial arts, etc.

Xn8’s Excellent customer care: We assure you the quality of our kickboxing shin guards coupled with an easy refund facility. For whatever reason, if these martial art shin pads don’t meet your purpose, feel free to return to discuss the issue with our professional customer support.


Would you like your shin to be protected from the smash during your next kickboxing match? Do you also want to have affordable and durable shin guards that you could use for different sporting activities? Are you looking for shin guards that are light-weighted so they are comfortable to wear and won’t trouble your movement while sparring? No need to worry as with Xn8 sports shin guards instep you have landed on the right item. Constructed with top-quality carbon fibre fabric, these shin guards are durable and long-lasting coupled with gel foam padding, for absorbing strong hits on shin area from the opponent. Also, the durable material of these shin guards won’t allow them to tear or break even with the regular use and with moisture-wicking properties, they won’t allow the build-up of sweat on your skin. They are also easy to wear and remove and prevent muscle pain thanks to the Velcro strapping system and soft compression properties. Ultimately, they are something you need to have if you want to appear confident in the upcoming martial arts tournament or a football match and want to make an impact like a pro.