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Xn8 Sports Standing Punch Bag

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Compact shape: The Xn8 Sports free standing punch bag for boxing let you get rid of the traditional punch bags that mount to walls and ceilings. It comes with a pedestal design that makes you move it to the vacant corner, after you are finished with the workout.

Heavy when filled: Weighs 150kg when filled with sand or water and makes your boxing practice productive by allowing you to hit it hard. Fill it with water or sand to get your heavy-duty punch bag ready for the hard hits.

Available in two size variations: It is available in two size variations of 183cm (6ft) and 168cm (5.5ft) and has the base height of 104cm (3.5ft), base diameter of 70cm (2.3ft) and a punch bag circumference of 100cm (3.3ft).

Premium EPE foam and Lamina hide leather: Our heavy duty punch bag stand’s Lamina hide leather upholstery gives it a lightweight and makes it washable. Lamina hide leather also protects this punching bag’s surface from fade and cracks when exposed to sunlight. With its PE foam padding, it withstands the hard hits and works for a long time.

Useful for gym and home training: Useful for practicing boxing, Muay Thai, martial arts and kickboxing both at your home and gym. Also, it is used for a full-body workout to lose weight and for other recreational activities as it retains its form for a long period.


Practice your new boxing moves with the Xn8 Sports free standing punch bag. Filled with EPE foam to absorb hard hits and to stay in shape for the long term. Its Lamina hide leather upholstery makes it durable and washable. When filled with water or sand, this punch bag for boxing weighs 150kg and stays strong to your hard punches. Unlike traditional hanging punch bags, our punch bag’s pedestal design allows you to move it out of the room after exercise to make space. Available in two decent sizes of 6ft (183cm) and 5.5ft (168cm), which makes it suitable for all your boxing and kickboxing practices. Use this punch bag for martial arts, Muay Thai, and other full-body workouts. Ultimately, it lifts your game by making you fitter and allowing you to punch harder.

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