Xn8 Sports Weighted Gloves

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Unique Thumb Loop with Dual Finger Ring Design Weighted Gloves: In Xn8 Sports Weighted Gloves, you get the best of the two worlds. A great combo of the robustly simple thumb loop design supported equally well with dual finger ring design for best fit & grip.

Iron Powder Filling Weighted Neoprene Gloves: Iron powder filling enables these neoprene fitness gloves to offer a sleek & practical design. Secure pockets of top-quality neoprene material evenly distribute the weight across the back of the hand.

Weighted Hand Gloves Secured with Hook & Loop Closure Straps: For additional security, there are self-fastening hook & loop closure straps, gripping your wrists in the most comfortable yet secure manner to withstand intensive movements.

Best Weighted Gloves In Multi Colours For Multiple Uses: There are many attractive colours to choose from and even more ways to use these. Can be used with walking, jogging, aerobics, MMA or even Crossfit drills. Also help burn calories while worn during daily activities.

Top Quality Weighted Workout Gloves with Secure Edge Trims: In addition to a highly ergonomic & practical design, these weighted gloves also offer top quality finishing. Equipped with edge trims and heavy-duty stitching. While men can conveniently use them as boxing gloves for shadow boxing, females like to use them as hand weights.


You’ll be amazed by countless ways Xn8 Sports Weighted Gloves will improvise and uplift your workout results. There are a host of reasons why they are considered as the best. You get a unique combo of thumb loop design aided by dual finger rings, offering you the best fit. On top of that, premiere quality neoprene material not only adds to their aesthetics, but also makes them breathable and durable. Evenly distributed iron sand filling further adds to the convenience, while hook & loop closure straps ensure they remain securely snugged around your wrists throughout the use. Available in various colours as well.