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If you are looking for the best weighted vests for men or a stylish weighted vest for women, nothing might ever satisfy you better than Xn8 Sports Adjustable Weighted Vest. Top quality elastic neoprene manufacturing makes it soft, flexible, breathable, comfortable as well as heat resistant. 

Our weight vest boasts of an ergonomic and intelligent X-shaped design for maximum function, practicality & manoeuvrability. There is also a pair of thickened, extended slip-resistant shoulder straps, which adds to its comfort and convenience, easing you with prolonged usage. 

What you find lacking in most common weight vests on the market, is offered generously in ours, i.e. adjustability. You get 4 functional & durable adjusting buckles for this, 2 of them on chest region & 2 on shoulder straps.

Available as a 10 kg weighted vest and 8kg weighted vest, both variations contain 6 weight pockets that host iron-sand filled weight pouches. You can vary the weight load by adding or removing the pouches from their respective pockets.

TO GET BOTH 8KG & 10KG WEIGHTED VESTS, YOU NEED TO PAY FOR TWO VESTS, NOT ONE. Dual adjustability (weight + fitting), universal fit & 3 colour variations (black, blue & grey) make it the best weighted vest UK.


If you are unable to get to your fitness goals despite working out hard, one of the best ways to fix this is to add more resistance to your workouts, and Xn8 Sports Adjustable Weighted Vest is definitely one great way to do so. It bestows you with optimal style, comfort, convenience as well as durability, bringing one fine weight vest for women as well as men to your disposal. It covers you in all aspects, i.e. comfort, breathability, flexibility and heat-resistance, thanks to a robust and ergonomic X-shaped design and finest quality neoprene manufacturing. Moreover, you get two different types of adjustability in our weighted running vest. It not only enables you to get the best fit with 4 adjustable buckles (2 on chest region and the other 2 on thickened, extended shoulder straps), but it also allows you to vary the weight load of the vest. There are 6 stylish and concealed pockets hosting 6 iron-sand filled weight pouches. You can vary the weight by adding or removing those pouches in their respective pockets, so that you can get to your desired weight level for a particular activity. Available in two different weights, i.e. 10kg weighted vest and 8kg weight vest in 3 different colours. TO GET BOTH 8KG & 10KG WEIGHTED VESTS, YOU NEED TO PAY FOR TWO VESTS, NOT ONE.

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