Xn8 Sports Adjustable Ankle Weights in lb

SKU: Aw04-Black-3*2=6lb


  • Xn8’s ankle weights help you gain more strength from your running, jogging, and other similar exercises.
  • Expertly contrived with the breathable and comfortable Neoprene Fabric.
  • Available in various vibrant colours and as 3lb pair (3*2=6lb) and 5lb pair (5*2=10lb).
  • Robust hook and loop strap facilitates convenient wearing and effortless removal of the pair.
  • You can effortlessly remove one or all of the sandbags from five pouches up front to adjust the weight.


Walking, jogging, or running is never the same when you perform them with the Xn8 Sports adjustable ankle weights on. The comfort that these leg weights deliver is due to their manufacturing in skin-friendly and comfy neoprene fabric, which is firmly stitched so it never looses out with use. The pair is also equipped with a robust hook and loop strap that makes you put them on and off effortlessly, while letting you tight or loose it as needed. Several vibrant colours are available for you to pick either 3lb pair (3*2=6lb) or the 5lb pair (5*2=10lb), as Xn8 Sports would never want you to compromise on style while working on fitness.