Xn8 Sports Jab Cross Series Gloves and Focus Pads

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Taking into consideration the Christmas sale and Black Friday sale coming up, Xn8 Sports has combined professionally tested & recommended boxing gloves from Jab cross series with adroitly contrived focus pads. It will certainly make an outstanding gift box for all, particularly for those who have a taste in combat sports. The purpose of doing this is none other than to make your holidays blissful as you have a chance to own our premium products at huge discounts and with free delivery.

Product Details

  • The gift package is comprised of Jab Cross series Boxing gloves in exuberant red colour and a pair of red/black focus pads.
  • Both of these phenomenal boxing training and fighting gear have the exclusive Lamina hide leather upholstery that keeps them in shape for years.
  • Boxing gloves are useful for training, sparring, as well as professional fights, while the focus pads are for your coach to make you learn hitting precise and powerful punches.
  • Both of them have a robust hook and loop closure mechanism and are suitably padded with impact dissipating foam for maximum protection.