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Xn8 Sports Wrist & Palm Support Brace

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SKU: M1008-PalmSupport-M-Sngl


We have contrived our wrist and palm support braces with premium quality neoprene fabric that’s why they serve a pain-relieving comfort to your fingers and wrists against the pain arising out of typing and other activities. To make sure, these wrist support braces fit everyone exceptionally, we have used a very stretchable fabric that is robustly stitched for longevity. Since neoprene is skin-friendly, so our palm protectors will never trouble you with irritations or itchiness of any sort, even when you keep them on for long. Further with the availability of 3 different sizes, you won’t be disappointed with its fitting, while the availability of 3 sizes will never disappoint anyone to find the suitable fit.



  • Xn8 palm support brace helps in ERADICATING THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN in your palm or wrists arising out of typing, gaming, or other activities.
  • Expertly manufactured with the TOP-GRADE NEOPRENE FABRIC that is not only tear or wear-resistant but also comfortable and skin-friendly as well.
  • You’ll love the DIRECTIONAL STRETCH of our palm support braces that makes them fit your hands effortlessly without restricting the natural movement of hand.
  • EXPERTLY STITCHED to make these palm and wrist support braces in working condition for years to come. Plus, you can own them in small, medium, or large sizes.
  • We assure the HIGH-QUALITY of this item and in the unlikely event of non-satisfaction with it, you can count on our professional yet friendly customer support.