Xn8 Sports Yoga Blocks

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Appropriate Dimensions: Xn8 Sports Yoga Blocks Set is produced in the following dimensions: Length = 23cm x Width = 15 cm x Thickness = 7.6cm. This makes it extremely handy as your yoga aide, helping you progress through your yoga journey.

High Density EVA Foam Material – Non-toxic, Skin Friendly and Eco-friendly: The material used in manufacturing these yoga blocks is the top grade, high density EVA foam. This lends a host of great traits to these yoga foam bricks, turning them into non-toxic, odourless, skin friendly, health friendly and eco friendly yoga blocks.

Cushy and Stable: This set of 2 yoga bricks renders you matchless ease, comfort, cushiness and stability, thanks to the premium quality EVA foam. They become extremely light yet comfortable whether you use them flat on the ground, turn them on the sides or even upright.

Assisting You Through: Yoga poses can become quite challenging, especially if you are new to the domain. With this yoga block set, you can get the desired assistance in the poses that test you, eventually perfecting your stance without the fear of failure or injury and progressing through to the next level.

Suitable for Everyone: From material to size and dimensions to weight, Xn8 Sports offer you the best yoga blocks online you may ask for. This set is designed to be helpful for starters and pros, men and women alike.


If you want to buy yoga blocks online in the most convenient and reliable manner, Xn8 Sports Yoga Blocks Set is what you should look for in assisting and supporting you perform your yoga routine. Why? A host of reasons, in fact; starting from the material used to manufacture them. Xn8 Sports only rely on the highest quality, high density EVA foam, which makes them eco-friendly, not harmful for the environment at all. This also makes them non-toxic and odourless. So, they are skin friendly in particular and health friendly in general. The dimensions of these yoga bricks also play a part in making them so handy; neither too big, nor too small, i.e. Length = 23cm x Width = 15 cm x Thickness = 7.6cm. In short, it doesn’t matter if you are just stepping into yoga or turned into a pro, big or small, fat or skinny, male or female. You will always enjoy the comfort and support of a quality yoga block like ours.