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Xn8 Sports NBR Yoga Mat

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Comfortable Yet Effective Workout Platform: Since yoga is all about getting your pose right, therefore, you need a safe plus convenient platform, such as a yoga mat to practice it perfectly. And, when you mean the best of such mats, one name must come to your mind which is the Xn8 Sports NBR Yoga Mat. Arrives with the generous 15mm cushioning to keep your body safe, both indoor like the home gym room and outdoor like parks or anywhere you want to practice yoga, Pilates, sit-ups, and so on. Thick cushioning doesn’t mean that it is soft like a mattress which won’t let you pose the right way, instead, it is relatively soft that provides protection and keeps your body safe during the session. Moreover, it has the tendency just like other high-quality yoga mats to quickly recuperate to its original form after the workout. So, if you would like your yoga mat to surpass the ordinary both in style and performance, this is what you have to invest in.

Top-quality NBR foam: So, why would you need a yoga mat? Of course to do your favourite workouts safely, as some of them cannot be performed on the floor, isn’t it? Hence, you must look for a platform that is rightly cushioned and which is crafted with premium quality and environmental-friendly material, such as our mat which features top-notch NBR foam. Let’s first shed light on NBR foam qualities, starting with its good rebound capabilities, plus, it is tear-resistant, water-resistant, and long-lasting as well, while it also doesn’t affect your health and the environment. In fact, NBR is the technological improvement to make the conventional yoga mats superior and denser. Importantly, this material makes our yoga mat water-repellent that you can easily wipe with the wet towel after a period of use to make it appear new again. Need something that you can gift to your loved ones on Christmas or New Year’s Eve? This might be the right option to consider.

Just about the perfect grip you need: Posing the right way on a stable and comfortable platform is all you need. Consider it as your best day since you have landed on our exercise mat as it offers everything you need. Let’s get to discuss its outstanding grip that comes from the expertly designed textures at the front that are there to serve maximum traction to your body, particularly, when you are performing those difficult yoga poses. Makes it a perfect accessory for anyone who is looking to practice yoga, Pilates, and other stretching and strength training workouts both at home, gym, or anywhere you would like to carry it with you. Further, anyone can roll or unroll it with ease, as it carries lightweight, plus, the material used in its manufacturing is skin-friendly as well, so it is never going to irritate even if it stays in contact with your skin directly for long.

Arrives with a carrying strap and has ideal dimensions: Our workout mat comes with a carrying strap that makes you take it to anyplace you want. Be it the park, gym, or anywhere else, you can take your workout mat with you. Since it comes with a carrying strap which makes it carrying and storing to the gym, workplace, or the park effortless. It comes in a length of 183 centimetres, a width of 61 centimetres, and a thickness of 15mm (1.5cm). Hence, with these ideal dimensions and minimal design, we can easily say that this is the best mat UK sellers can offer at this price tag. Hey, you can get your favourite workout mat in a variety of vibrant colours, so you can have a piece in one that you love or that matches the ambience of your home gym room.

Quality assurance: ‘Xn8 Sports’ strives to serve its customers with premium quality fitness and combat equipment at the most affordable rates possible. We assure the quality by bringing ergonomically designed products to the markets for our customers that are manufactured with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. Likewise, our NBR Yoga mat, which is relatively comfortable, portable, and an easy-to-use workout platform. We assure you that this rubber yoga mat is one of our top-quality items that will stay in working condition for years. One can also clean it with a wet towel or soapy water to make it appear new again. So, why look for anywhere else, when you can get everything with our NBR Fitness Mat?


A yoga mat as the name suggests is a platform that makes you practice your favourite yoga poses the right and safe way. Not only is it useful for yoga, but it is also suitable for performing other workouts at home, such as dumbbells training, push-ups, and more. Because one cannot perform most of the workouts on hard floors as doing so will be painful particularly in performing those poses that need sensitive parts of your body to come in contact with the floor. That’s why you need to ascertain whether or not your new yoga mat is amply padded, has the suitable dimensions, and most importantly if it’s aesthetically pleasing as well. That’s why you need the Xn8 Sports NBR yoga mat because its soft cushioning prevents your joints, knees, and elbows during the exercise, thus allowing you to pose well during yoga. Just as we mentioned above, our workout mat is a versatile training accessory that along with yoga is also suitable for other workouts ranging from gymnastics, Pilates to stretching, push-ups, and more. With its carrying strap, you can move our best yoga mat conveniently to your gym or anywhere you might need it. It is a perfect workout accessory for trainers and can be taken even on your camping. Manufactured with premium quality NBR foam which makes it tear-resistant and long-lasting, while its non-slippery surface keeps your body stable during the workout. Further, the water-resistant properties let you wipe this exercise mat with a wet towel after a period of use.

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